Lease work/Design

We signed our lease back in November and our inches from getting our building design finished. The next step is finding a contractor and purchasing our equipment.


FREE BEER!!! (Sanders County, MT)

FREE BEER!!! If you happen to see us out and about it Sanders County, please feel free to chase us down and ask us if we have samples. IF WE DON’T, we will make sure to get you some! Having a dinner party and want to try FREE samples with your guests? WE CAN HELP!!! LET US KNOW!!! (Obviously, we will be checking ID’s).

Listen to this! Our local radio interview!

Last week we had the privilege to be interviewed by Whitefish Community Radio about the progress of the brewery. If you have some time and are interested in learning more about what we’re trying to do up in here in Columbia Falls, give this a read and a listen.

Click on the picture to read and/or listen to the interview.

Slowly, but surely!

It’s been a long time, but we’re making progress. We’ll be joining the Montana Brewers Association and the Brew News! It feels unreal to think we’re going to be in a national publication in just a few short months. We’ve begun the process of filing for our name and logo trademarks, which we should have wrapped up in several months. We’re making short gains with furniture and bar materials. We should be signing our first lease anytime now, the future is near and it’s feeling really good.

building selection

We’ve finally selected a building that we want to pursue in downtown Thompson Falls. We have looked at 5 buildings inside and out over the last 5 months and this is the cream of the crop. I won’t waste any time or space with describing the other buildings, but needless to say they were all too small. The building we shave selected is on main street, it’s got a huge garage for our brewing system (and future expansion). The front has a great site for a tasting room which includes huge windows, a  beautiful floor, and room for a nice bar. There is also a huge lot on the side of the building which we can use to build a porch, outside concerts, a beer garden and parking. The building is going to need some work. A new paint job, a new roof, a bit of interior, and some landscaping. But, it’s doable and it’s a reality that is coming closer and closer. Here is a shot of the building. (We will include inside pictures as we progress)

The future (hopeful) home of Limberlost Brewing Company.

We will post more pictures as we progress with securing a lease.