Name Dropping (Part 4) In with the new!

Back a few months ago we were in Spokane and we stumbled upon a few new grains we’d never seen before. Included in this batch was a Black Winter Wheat, Black Barley #32 and a Ruby Red Winter Wheat. (I wish I would’ve taken some picture visual effects). Anyways, we decided to buy 10lbs of each and hold onto them for a rainy day project.

That rainy day project happened upon us about a month ago. I was driving on Highway 200 through Dixon where a flock of red wing black birds flew in front of my truck. So, why not mix the red and black wheat grains together to brew a “red-winged black” beer?

The final result ended up being a beer with the sheen of motor oil. A dark black hue with a strange red reflective quality.

We present:

Red-Winged Black Ale-6%-A robust, dark ale brewed with black and red malts. This beer is very malty, but very well balanced. Lightly hopped with Saaz, Centennial, and Chinook hops.

Red-Winged Black Ale


Named for this fellow:


This beer has a lot of potential to be a great base for some other dark ales in the future.

Next up…

Autumn Wind Golden Ale-4%-A lightly malted Golden Ale brewed with Pearle hops. There isn’t much to say about this beer but we wanted to brew something that reminded us of fall here in Montana. The wind is light and crisp, the leaves of the aspen and larch turn a light yellow. This beer embodies the comparison; light and crisp.

Autumn Wind; for the best time of year.

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