Name Dropping (part 2)…even more amazing beer

Well, as promised, we have more beers to write about. We’ll pull a couple of tricks from out of our sleeves and see what tasty brews await us around the corner.

Aaaaannnnnd for our first beer we’ll take a look at our…

4 Lakes Trail Ale-5% alcohol percentage-A Montana Style Pale Ale; beautifully balanced hop to malt ratio. 2 row malts, caramel, and Munich malts make this pale ale caramel to the taste with a hint of Centennial and Mt.Hood hops. This will be one of our 4 staple brews in the tap room.


Beer, Dude.

We named this tasty pale ale after the infamous, amazing trail system that lays 5 miles north of Thompson Falls, Montana. After hiking in the back country, it’s nice to have a Trail Ale.

All Summer Long Rhubarb Australian Sparkling Ale-4%-A wonderfully light, well balanced rhubarb wheat. This wheat beer is seriously the most perfectly brewed and amazing tasting summer beer we’ve ever brewed or tasted. We baked the rhubarb and added it to the mash and added fresh rhubarb to the dry hop for 2 weeks. There is a very small addition of Australian Summer Hops added to the back end to naturalize the bitterness from the rhubarb. We add ice cubes to our glasses of All Summer Long because it’s just that perfect on a hot summer’s day, hence the name.

Good enough to drink ALL. SUMMER. LONG.


Australian Sparking Ales are generally lighter in color and have an alcohol percentage from 4-5.5%. Sparkling Ales are what we call “wheat ales”, but they generally use Australian hop varieties, which is what we did.

If you see us out and about in Sanders County and want to try one, let us know. Cheers





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