Name Dropping (an introduction to our beers) part 1

Here in our name dropping section, we’re going to be talking about our beer names and styles. We’re going to buck the trend of going light to dark (as you would in traditionally try them) and mix it up a little bit.

Up to bat first is…

Frost Bite Hot Chocolate Stout-6% alcohol percentage-A traditional stout with chocolate, marshmallows, and vanilla.


Last winter after splitting wood, we were lamenting how we would love to have some hot chocolate to quench our thirst. The conversation went a step further when I dumped some of my hot chocolate into another stout we had done. The mix wasn’t exactly ideal, but it opened up a whole new world of ideas.

My brew partner (my wife) did some research in one of her 1950’s Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbooks and stumbled upon an amazing recipe for hot chocolate. This recipe (which I will NOT be sharing) had a few twists in it which we thought would make for an awesome beer. So, after much deliberation and small batch testing, we came up with winter stout.

Why Frost Bite? Well, after being outside cutting wood, skiing, snow shoeing, or snowmobiling…it’s a nice beer to sip on by a fire to melt away the frost from your bones.

Friends in Low Places IPA-6 % alcohol-A Rocky Mountain Style IPA; more malt heavy and lightly hopped.


We tend to make more Pacific Northwest IPA styles which are generally very hop and flavor forward. We decided to try our hand at the Rocky Mountain IPA style which like we said before, is malt heavy. The beer uses more 2 row and caramel malts (which give it a more maltier, caramel like flavor. It’s lighly hopped with Mt.Hood and other neutral hops. It’s very drinkable and very tasty.

The name comes from almost everyone’s country song by Mr. Garth Brooks. We want every to feel welcome at Limberlost Brewing Company and we want everyone to  know you got Friends in Low Places (literally) when you come out to our brewery.

“The beer chases my blues away/but, I’ll be OK/hey, I’m not big on social graces/guess I’ll slip on down to the oasis/I got friends, in low places”.

Sounds about right.


Enjoy and catch us next time for the next round of “Name Dropping”. Cheers and drink Limberlost!

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