building selection

We’ve finally selected a building that we want to pursue in downtown Thompson Falls. We have looked at 5 buildings inside and out over the last 5 months and this is the cream of the crop. I won’t waste any time or space with describing the other buildings, but needless to say they were all too small. The building we shave selected is on main street, it’s got a huge garage for our brewing system (and future expansion). The front has a great site for a tasting room which includes huge windows, a  beautiful floor, and room for a nice bar. There is also a huge lot on the side of the building which we can use to build a porch, outside concerts, a beer garden and parking. The building is going to need some work. A new paint job, a new roof, a bit of interior, and some landscaping. But, it’s doable and it’s a reality that is coming closer and closer. Here is a shot of the building. (We will include inside pictures as we progress)

The future (hopeful) home of Limberlost Brewing Company.

We will post more pictures as we progress with securing a lease.